Lim Chia Wei

for 13 Nov 2011(COMING SOON)

13 Nov 2011 (Sunday)

3 interesting things
- Pandas are cute.
- Pandas are very cute.
- Pandas are really very cute. (not scamming you, ok?)

2 important lessons
- To bargain, start with about 40% of the given price.

1 thing

12 Nov 2011 (Saturday)

3 interesting things
- McDonald's (麦当劳) is quite cheap in Shanghai (China).
- 上海书城 (Shanghai's City of Books): 1F - 生活休闲, 2F - 文学史地, 3F - 社会, 4F - 文化学科, 5F - 科学技术, 6F - 音像影视, 7F - 艺术
- The rice for dinner is crunchy. 晚餐的白饭真的是香脆可口。

2 important lessons
- Take taxi - it's just slightly more expensive than taking MRT and you can come back earlier to do better things, for example reflections, which is what I am doing now.
- Want to know how to alight from MRT? Click here

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11 Nov 2011 (Friday)

3 interesting things
- Shanghai is becoming colder and colder.
- Similar triangles are quite useful.
- It is difficult to identify triangles for application of Menalaus Theorem.

2 important lessons
- Concyclic points and similar triangles are useful in proving circle problems.
- Applications of Menalaus and Ceva's Theorems in proving triangle problems.

1 question
- More applications of Menalaus and Ceva's Theorems

10 Nov 2011 (Thursday)

3 interesting things
- Geometry is more interesting than Number Theory.
- You erase the unuseful lines while doing Geometry questions.
- I ordered 必胜宅急送 (Pizza Hut Delivery) today.

2 important lessons
- Proving similar triangles using the correct method: 两角对应相等 OR 两边对应成比例且夹角相等 OR 三边对应成比例
- Tangent: 切线, secant: 割线, chord: 弦, arc: 弧, inscribed circle: 内切圆, circumcircle: 外接圆

1 question
- Proof to Ceva's theorem (塞瓦定理)

Website of the Day

Ordered Pizza Hut Delivery - unable to do reflection. sad :(

9 Nov 2011 (Wednesday)

3 interesting things
- Prof Liu went to HCI for the first time in the year 1991 (before Dr Ang LC came)
- Most things sold in China, without price labels, can be bargained.
- Shanghai is very cold, especially at night.

2 important lessons
- More applications of Fermat's Little Theorem in solving problems
- Use of AM-GM and Cauchy–Schwarz Inequalities in proving other inequalities

1 question
- Proof to AM-GM Inequality

8 Nov 2011 (Tuesday)

3 interesting things
- You cannot win the 4-6-8 game as the person who starts THE GAME. (see Appendix on 7 Nov for the rule)
- There are Maths behind some magic tricks, especially when it involves poker cards.
- Prof Liu is more pro than I expected :)

2 important lessons
- Solve different types of problems using congruence
- Fermat's Little Theorem and its application in solving problems

1 question
- Chinese Remainder Theorem and its application

Photo of the Day
IT Maintenance - unable to do reflection. sad :(

7 Nov 2011 (Monday)

3 interesting things
- Prof Liu has many students who are experts in Mathematics.
- Delivery is called "宅急送" in Chinese.
- People in Shanghai Yan An High School do not use forks.

2 important lessons
- To win the 4-5-6 version of THE GAME.
- To do a magic trick with 21 poker cards.
(Want to see the trick? Come to room 9311 and look for Teow.)

1 question
- How to win the 4-6-8 game as the person who starts THE GAME. (see Appendix for the rule)
(Please come to room 9311/9313 to teach us. Thanks.)

Appendix: Rule of THE GAME
3 piles of cards are placed on the table.
2 players take turn to take cards from the table.
Players can take any number of cards from only one pile of the cards.
The player who takes the last card is the winner.

Photos of the Day
No internet access, cannot do reflection
YESS finally got internet, reflection done