My Daily Reflections
3.1 Shanghai is not that cold.
3.2 The teachers here are more easier to understand than expected.
3.3 The food here is quite different from Singapore.

2.1 An angle can be the key to solving a complicated problem.
2.2 Congruent triangles can be proved in many different ways.

1.1 Deeper stuff about trigonometry.

3.1 Sec 3s like singing the national anthem.
3.2 It was a Sec 2s birthday today.
3.3 Sec 3s like making cake.

2.1 The Pythagaros theorem is quite interesting.
2.2 The Pythagaros theorem is quite useful.

1.1 Deeper stuff about famous mathematicians.

3.1 There is no Facebook here.
3.2 There is no Youtube here.
3.3 The China people use Weibo for communication.

2.1 Similar triangles are different from congruent triangles.
2.2 They are many different characteristics of different quadrilateral.

1.1 Deeper stuff about quadrilaterals.

3.1 The lessons are getting harder and harder.
3.2 The Sec 3s are joining us for lessons starting today.
3.3 The food here still remains a mystery to me.

2.1 There are many different theories of circles.
2.2 There are many different theories of similar triangles.

1.1 Deeper stuff about circles.

3.1 The lessons are still quite hard.
3.2 I cannot think of anything to say about my reflections anymore.
3.3 Shanghai's temperature seems to keep changing.

2.1 The deeper theories about circles.
2.2 Circles relationships with angle theories are quite interesting.

1.1 Deeper stuff about stuff learned today.