My Daily Reflections


I think that one of the most interesting things that I saw today is that the blackboard dusters in the classrooms have vacuum cleaners to suck up the dust from the blackboard chalk. The other things would be that when we went to a shopping centre to shop, we were not given plastic bags when we checked out of the supermarket, which I think is quite an environmentally-friendly thing to do. Lastly, I feel quite proud of myself since i am newly made the sec 2 leader.

Two important things that I learnt would be mainly many of the chinese names of the theorems that I already learnt, and I also found an easier way to look at geometrical problems from the lecturer's point of view, which I think is more effective and systematic than my style, and very much worth learning.

I still do not quite understand how the Cosine Theorem can be applied to find out the last question in today's problems, but I will sleep on it and see if I can find an answer in the morning.


I think that today I heard many interesting things. Several of them were quite unrelated to the lesson, such as how one of our lecturers was telling us that one of his colleagues was surnamed 吕 and his wife was surnamed 高, and they had twins, which is because of the two mouths in both of their names. He also told us us some other interesting storiessuch as how a beggar's income was altered by the wording on his sign as well as the way a fortune teller predicted three things about him. I think these are the 3 most interesting things I heard today.

I learnt several characteristics of isosceles triangles that I previously did not know since I think that they were not taught in Singapore. I also learnt some applications of Pythagoras Theorem that I also was not taught. I still cannot understand how the last question of the first lecture but that was mainly because the lecturer went through it very fast, so if I think that if I look at it again I am sure to be able to figure it out.


There was nothing much to say about today. The weather is getting colder, and I would say that one interesting thing that is happening today would be that I am getting out my jacket. Also, today our group is going out after dinner. Apart from that, the only incident that I can mention is that today was the first day I was not one of the first down to breakfast.

In terms of academics, today we learnt about the properties of special quadrilaterals and had our first lecture on similarity. I don't quite understand some parts of the similarity lecture, but that is mainly because he was giving us a "preview" of tomorrow's lecture, so I think he will elaborate on it tomorrow.


Between the space between the last reflection and this one, exactly 3 interesting things happened to me. I went out to see the bunt in a group with our teachers, and we actually got lost. As a result we got back quite late, so I was quite lucky I had done my reflection already. Another thing that happened is that my roommate actually got out of bed himself, and I think that is a start. Lastly, when I went out of my room to take the first lesson of the day, I locked my key inside. I got back in in the end.

I learnt some new theorems in Chinese that I previously did not know. Today's lessons were more or less understandable, and I did not have much problems understanding them.


Today is the last of the full day lessons. Tomorrow and the day after we are having day tours of Shanghai. Also, today my roommate went back to sleep with his old roommate, who had gotten better and whose quarantine had been lifted. I forgot to mention that yesterday the secondary 3's attended our class as well, part of their revision or something.

Today's lessons were about circles and the Menelaus and Ceva's theorems. I think i understood most of them.


Today we were going out to shop in Shanghai. I bought a total of 10 books and 3 toys. Apart from that I don't think that there is much stuff to say about today. I did learn 2 things, and theyes were that stuff here is way cheaper than back home, and that the shops don't provide plastic bags, only envirobags. That is about all I can say about today.


We went to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum today, then went to Yu Yuan. It was quite fun. I bought a stuffed toy. Could'nt learn much today. I did see some nice sights, though.